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Want to read something new by Megan?

Hey guys, so the new JD book won't be out for another year! :( But fortunately, Megan does have some new work, and it's out right now! She contributed an essay titled "The Good Girl Always Gets the Bad Boy," for a new anthology entitled A New Dawn!  This is an anthology with different YA authors' takes on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.  Megan did mention her participation on her blog a while back, and the book is finally making its debut!  She also gives some very interesting comparisons of Marcus to Edward. The imprint, Teen Libris, is also having a contest coming soon that you can enter to win a copy of Rachel Caine's Feast of Fools and some other unannounced cool stuff. If you want to read an excerpt of A New Dawn (though not Megan's essay, you'll have to buy or win the book for that), follow this link.

Also, we will eventually have an interview with Megan on the site, so stay tuned! :)


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