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relate yourself to a character from sloppy firsts.

have fun!
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Like Jess, I've often felt isolated from my peers because my priorities are in completely different places.
I usually say Jess but I'd like to relate myself to someone else for once:


Bridget and I are opposite in a lot of ways. I am very average looking in weight, hair and eye colour. I don't act. I definitely do not cheerlead. I don't have popular boyfriends.

We do have a few things in common. I'm really fun to be around at times (I'm more like the older Bridget, or at least the pillow fight Bridget at the end of SH). I can be totally ditzy but I'm told I have the wisdom of a 90 year old. I point out what seems to be the obvious, like Bridget, but no one else sees it until it's either too late or they just don't see it. I'm artistically inclined (music is art). I've been thought to be the neighbour's daughter. Like Jess and Bridget, my first best friend until 7th grade was from across the street until she left me for a guy. I can easily trick people with my assumed innocence (this is a trait attributed to Jess more but can easily apply to Bridget, think of the time when Jess actually believe Bridget when she said that she and Burke were "like, not having sex".
bridget, cos, like, people think i'm like, shallow? but like, i'm totally not.
I'm sort Jess, I suppose. I live in small, rather moneyed town NJ, I was near the top of my class, and was way more worried about getting into college than I needed to be.

I tend to see people/the world the way I think it is going and tend to be oblivious to things other people find obvious (like Manda hitting on Len and Bridget & Pepe being together), my best friend doesn't live near me, though she's at least in NJ, I had a friend with whom I had conversations very much like the ones she had with Marcus, I go through insomniac streaks, during which I walk around town, I used to run but quit because I hated it, I'm sarcastic, I took French and was one of the few in my class who actually understood it, my last name begins w/ a D, I had a homeroom buddy/gossipmonger (however, unlike Sara, I actually liked her), I occasionally felt isolated from my class because I was a lot smarter than most of my high school friends (however, once you put me with my best friend and the friends I have through her, I feel like I know nothing), I wrote editorials for the school paper that were occasionally very unpopular with my class. While I didn't date an EMT, I did have a few friends and a crush who were. I got the feeling that my ex's mom didn't like me, though he swears she did (however, my ex was more like Marcus than Len, without all the drugs though). I purposely applied and chose a college where I knew there was little chance of finding someone from my high school. I have a sister whose personality is extremely like Bethany's (however, she is name is Beth incidentally, so the family structure is a little the same), and a brother who was stillborn as opposed to dying at 2 weeks old. I keep a journal, but not as ritually as Jess does.

I don't really like saying that I'm like Jessica because I feel like everyone will say it, but when I read the books, there are so many things I can relate to.
where do you live in new jersey?
morris county (northern NJ)
ooh cause i live in northern as well.
I guess I am most like Jessica.

Like Jessica, I ran (and still do run) cross country on my school's team for my father. He was the one who pushed me to do it, actually, saying that I have the ''body'' of a runner. I'm skinny, and pretty without actually knowing it (unlike Jessica or so it seems, I suffer from low self esteem at most times). Also, I am way more obsessed with college than I should be. I've worked for a newspaper; albeit not my school's but my camp's. It was definately a lot of fun! I am an only child - due to the fact that my twin sister Leah Beth (hehe, beth=bethany?) died two days after birth. However, I've never gone out with a boy in my life (so to speak,I'm choosy). I call my best friend's ex He Who Must Not Be Named, or occasionally Voldemort. I'm abitious. I would like to attend Columbia, however it's too big a school for me to function in. I've kept a journal since I was 8 years old. My best friend grew up across the street from me until she moved when I was 10 years old. It was the biggest heart ache for me because her brother and sister were like mine, her family was like mine. I cry every time I look across the street (corny, as that is).

I agree. I definately can relate to what Jessica's saying in her journals. Actually the one reason I picked up Sloppy Firsts (and then got hooked and bought the others as they came out in due time) was the sentence "My parents suck ass." It is something I DEFINETELY say all the time. 'Suck ass' And it just was like: Wow, how did someone throw part of my life onto a novel AND get it published!